Paul Boekhout (1969, Alkmaar, The Netherlands)

Although his themes or subjects appear to be at random, there are some recurring elements in the photographic work of Ducth photographer Paul Boekhout. It was Helmut Newton himself who said that a good photograph start with having a camera stand by! Newton always had a compact in the dashboard of his car. And so does Paul Boekhout. I can't remember meeting him without having a camera nearby, and we work together for many years already.

Depending on the camera system, his photographs ranges from snapshots to travel photo's and close up portraits. The brands of camera equipment he is using direct to his fascination for technique. Many times this strive for technical perfection is leading to clean or cold results, but in his case there is always that beautiful warm grain and compassion with his subjects.

Seperate photo's, limited edition of 5, size 30x40 cm cost 200. Another possibility is to order his special Portfolio, which contains 4 original photographs nicely placed in a special collectors map. These portfolio are exclusively for sale at Galerie 't Fotokabinet and sells for 450. A significant part of his work is on stock in the gallery. In case photo's are not available in the gallery, they can be ordered and delivered on short term. Prices increase as editions sell out.