John van Dijen (Vlaardingen, The Netherlands)

"The Cannery, Canada" • "Water drops, Nepal"

Describing the photographic work of John van Dijen is not an easy task. He is not a professional photographer, but in his case that is an advantage. No timetable, no commissioned jobs, no expected results. Working in this way allows him to chose his own subjects and methods. Above all, Van Dijen is a keen viewer. As an art and art-books collector, his photographs are showing similarities with some well renowned names. His photos of the mountains in Nepal for instance, have references to the work that the great Ansel Adams made of Yosemite National Park. The fabulous picture he made from an old salmon cannery in Canada, has the same vague clouds as can be seen in the work of landscape photographer Josef Hoflehner. But it is less "produced", less manipulated. The photo "Water drops" remind us to the late photographer Werner Bischof (1916-1954). He was a dreamer who believed that all countries could be civilized. His touching portraits of children were symbols for a better future.

Van Dijen is not the new Adams, Hoflehner or Bischof. His focus is too broad to be remembered as the maker of one characteristic style. But his work is of equal beauty and excellence.

Seperate photo's, limited edition of 5, size 30x40 cm or 60x40cm start at 200. Prices increase as editions sell out.