Nicola Zolin (1984, Veneto, Italy)

"Rotterdam" • "Kenya, Joy"

Nicola Zolin was born in Veneto, Italy, in 1984. After technical studies and different jobs in his home country, he studied Communication at the University of Padova. At the third year of his studies he moved to The Hague, The Netherlands, through the "Erasmus" program. This first long and real experience abroad opened his eyes and developed his ideals. He started then to travel and photograph intensively. He graduate in 2008.

In summer 2008 Nicola traveled to Bosnia, Croatia and Serbia, studying the conflict of the dissolution of former Yugoslavia. Some of the photos he took were published in different Italian magazines. In November 2008 his photographic work was exposed at a self-organised exhibition called "movie | mento" at The Hague University (Haagse Hogeschool (

In January 2009 Nicola and his most creative group of friends decided to found their own international non-profit organization, Locomotive, in order to connect all the world citizens who believe to change the world with the power of their ideas. He realized different projects in the following months with local students in Bosnia, Poland, Lithuania and The Netherlands. In April 2009 he went to Kenya to volunteer and realizing a video-documentary describing  the development actions of the environmental organization "Eco Ethics International Union - Kenya". In the end of May 2009 he realized his first short movie "Apnoea".

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