Juliën van de Hoef (The Netherlands)

Dutch photographer Juliën van de Hoef represents an a-typical kind of photography for the gallery. Normally we are not keen on highly manipulated photo's, but in his case we stepped over our concerns. Van de Hoef is a true expert on the subject of HDR-photography. HDR means High Dynamic Range, a technique in digital photography to get the best out of 3 original "negatives". One of the 3 images is normal exposed, one is over exposed and one is under exposed. Masterfully Van de Hoef knows how to use which part of which "negative" to create a still recognizable but strange new reality.

To keep prices very reasonable, there are two ways to buy photographs of Juliën van de Hoef. Seperate photo's, limited edition of 40, size 30x40 cm cost 200. Another possibility is to order his special Portfolio, which contains 4 original photographs nicely placed in a special collectors map. These portfolio are exclusively for sale at Galerie 't Fotokabinet and sells for 450. A significant part of his work is on stock in the gallery. In case photo's are not available in the gallery, they can be ordered and delivered on short term.

Photographers website: www.julienvandehoef.nl.