Nobuyoshi Araki
1940, Tokyo, Japan

Short biography
Japanese photographer and contemporary artist Araki is best known for his intimate, snapshot-style images of women often tied up with ropes (kinbaku, Japanese rope-tying art) and of colorful, sensual flowers. Obsessed with women, Araki seeks to come closer to them through photography, using ropes like an embrace and the click of the shutter like a kiss. His work is at once shocking and mysteriously tender.

Having published over 350 books Araki is considered one of the most prolific artists alive or dead in Japan and around the world. Many of his photographs are erotic; some have been called pornographic. Some of his most popular books are Sentimental Journey, Tokyo Lucky Hole, and Shino. Taschen published a giant book in a limited edition of 2500 copies, prized 2500, titled Araki, which can be considered as an ultimate retrospective. Araki’s life and work were the subject of Travis Klose’s 2005 documentary film Arakimentari. His work (many times unica like polaroids and mixed media) is exposed in musea all over the world and sold at important galleries and auctions.

Recent exhibitions
Museum für Moderne Kunst Frankfurt, Taka Ishii Gallery Tokyo, Galerie Johannes Faber Vienna, Reflex Modern Art Gallery Amsterdam.

Recent exhibitions
Galerie Anders Thalman Zurich, Kicken Berlin, ParisGlobe Paris, Fotomuseum Den Haag.

Top auction result
$ 166.452

Average auction results
$ 500 - $ 20.000
Nobuyoshi Araki te koop, for sale

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