Will McBride
1931, St. Louis, Missouri, USA - 2015, Berlin, Germany

Short biography
McBride grew up in Chicago, attended the University of Vermont, then the Art Institute of Chicago, and finally graduated from Syracuse University in 1953. After serving the army, in 1955 he settled in Germany. McBride rose to fame in the 1960s as a pre-eminent documentary photographer. His photo essays appeared in magazines (Life, Paris Match, Stern and Look), work that established him as a definitive chronicler of the Kennedy and Adenauer years.

Will McBride has been a controversial artist. The bulk of his photography work is not often seen in the USA. McBride’s work focuses on young male nudity and he has experienced censorship and censure around his photo’s for his 1975 book Show Me! (Zeig Mal!), which the U.S. publisher withdrew from publication. His work has the gritty, involved quality of 1950s photographers such as William Klein and Ed van der Elsken, both clear influences on McBride.

Their aesthetic was to break down the barrier between subject and artist, for the artist to become “engaged,” to participate in the milieu of the photograph as an insider. It was an aesthetic with political overtones, one advocated by Sartre and the French Existentialists. Photography was an attempt to remove space between lens and subject, to eschew the posed, hard-edged formalism of the Bauhaus. McBride has also created an impressive body of studio work, influenced by hisearly training as a painter. He is also known as a painter (prices between 5.000 and 60.000) and sculptor. His Anti War Installation will be for sale (850.000) when finished. In 1997 a retrospective was published: “I, Will McBride”. In 2004 McBride received the Dr. Erich Salomon Prize, which is bestowed by the German Photographic Association.

Recent exhibitions
Galerie Eva Poll Berlin, Galerie Johannes Faber Wien, Galleria d'Arte Moderne I GAM Bologna, Kamera- und Fotomuseum Leipzig.

Top auction result
$ 5.747

Average auction results
$ 1.000 - $ 2.000

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